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Personalized Nutrition.

You're unique, and so are your health and wellness needs.

Meology by Shaklee is personalized nutrition to support you. Take the Meology Quiz now & discover the nutrients you need to be the best version of you:

As a young single mom of two, I was running on empty. I knew there was a better way: I heard about these nutritional supplements from a friend, and in researching the company I was impressed with all their clinical studies.

I knew these products would be safe for me and my kids to take, and the results were astounding. I began taking the Shaklee Energizing Protein and multivitamin/multimineral product Vita-Lea for Women. Soon I began to feel better and noticed that I had more energy during the day to take care of my children and my work. ​I was sleeping better at night as well. I also began giving my kids the children's vitamins which strengthened their immune systems.

I began using the other Shaklee product lines one at a time: I replaced my laundry products and skincare products with Shaklee, and began to share my experience with the products with my friends and family.

If you want to invest in your health and wellness, start by taking the Meology Quiz to discover your unique nutritional needs and get personalized recommendations! 

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Shaklee products stand tall on decades of research and countless studies—like the Landmark Health Study with UC Berkeley, for example, which spanned 10 years and proved that daily nutrition makes us healthier in the long run.

We put our products to the test because science is in our nature.


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